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On disc: Lost Horizon

- Awakening The World - Amir Djawadi - 5 stars

Awakening The World

Awakening The World
(Music For Nations - 2001)

The Swedish Lost Horizon chose 6 different locations and recorded the debut album in 9 sessions between March and August 2000 to realize the album Awakening The World.
Their aim was to have the best conditions for every part of the recordings and arrangements. So 10 tracks were created which in March 2001 can be heard by the metal fans. But until the release date a lot of things happened unnoticed by the metal community. Like the fact that until 1998 the line-up includes Joacim Cans, Stefan Elmgren and Patrik Rafling! The 3 mentioned musicians decided to go different musical ways and left the band to found Hammerfall. Nothing more to say about that, I guess....
Four musicians who see themselves as warriors and named themselves like warriors are now to start conquering the musical world with Awakening The World. Martin Furangen a.k.a. Cosmis Antagonist and Christian Nyquist a.k.a. Preternatural Transmogrifier on drums are the musical foundation of the Scandinavian band. Wojtek Liscki a.k.a. Transcendental Protagonist add the metallic sound with his guitar. The more traditional metal has elements of modern metal is marked by the voice of Daniel Heimann aka Etherial Mangnanimus.
The combination of screaming guitars, hammering drums and the voice of Daniel Heiman give their music a special touch. Anyway, even with a good production it ain't easy to catch the attention in a genre which suffers from the amount of releases. Beside that Lost Horizon can't offer any innovations, just their creative names. Everything else is known, the same old elements, a band presentation on the cover which isn't anything special, etc...
A hard task for them to step out of the mass of genre acts. Fans of this genre should give it a try...

5 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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