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On disc: Lords Of Black

Icons Of The New Days - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Icons Of The New Days

Icons Of The New Days
(Frontiers Records - 2018)

Some might remember the Spanish band Saratoga, after the band returned from their farewell tour guitarist Tony Hernando and drummer Andy C decided to join forces and they started Lords Of Black in 2014. They hire Chilean singer Ronnie Romero. After the recording of this album bassist Danny Criado joined them, so the bass on the record is played by Tony Hernando. Icons Of The New Days is their 3rd album.

The opener World Gone Mad is a melodic metal tune with a catchy vocal line. To get an idea check out this:

Romero became known for his work with Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, if someone like Richie Blackmore hires you, you are good! And so Lords Of Black get an excellent singer fronting the band - who also gets media attention which will help the band outside their home country.

The title track is a powerful melodic metal tune with great guitars and soaring vocals. The spoken words part is very intense. A modern track with keyboards is Not In A Place Like This which gets a different feel.

A slower tune, based on heavy riffs, is Forevermore. At this one as on some others Tony Hernando also played keyboards / synth. The Way I Remember kicks off with a piano part, but then they go full force. Just to slow down a little, it's a sonic roller coaster ride with neo-classical guitar parts and a catchy hook. Pure ear candy!

The closer is the long track All I Have Left which starts balladesque, but you guess it, they present a tune full of twists and turns. Especially at this track they remind me of Masterplan... Like Gotthard's Steve Lee (RIP) is singing it, the voice just a bit raspier.

The Deluxe Edition has 6 bonus tracks incl 4 cover versions, so if you get the chance, grab it!

Actually you can pick any 2 songs to get an idea about Lords Of Black, but if you like melodic power metal, neo-classical guitar and great vocals, just get yourself a copy!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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