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On disc: Lord Mantis

Perverter - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars


(Candlelight Records - 2012)

Lord Mantis has one album out in 2009, and now comes their new CD, Perverter. Perverted style and extreme metal, and this is not just some smart proclaim, this is what the case is about with Lord Mantis. Here are no soft spots, this is raw and abusive metal played rough and hard, a band that you either love or hate. 7 songs, all of them filled with tempo and aggression, starting from the top with Perverter Of The Will. Good and aggressive rhythm and the vocals are held in a wild and controlled manner to give the song extra power.

Septichrist is a very violent song, stuffed with massive metal to leave no doubt about the character of Lord Mantis and the way they play metal. Vile Divinity gives the listener a brutal hard attack as the guitars makes their enormous impression. Levia is a little different, as it has a deep and dark sound topped up with rough vocals that makes the song perfect and dominant. Ritual Killer is with aggressive rhythm, but the song itself has not so much content but still leaves a hard and black mark. At The Mouth goes for the screaming and dark attack where the style is of hammers dictating the creative work of how this song was composed. The Whip And The Body is the final masterpiece from the perverted band, good and extremely hard rhythm guitar makes a solid streaming effect in the music, a song that just confirms what class Lord Mantis is in. A different, brave and genius album.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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