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On disc: Loonataraxis

This Boy Is A Crying Shame - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

This Boy Is A Crying Shame

This Boy Is A Crying Shame
(Bad Land Records - 2008)

The Munich-based band Loonataraxis is presenting their album This Boy Is A Crying Shame and the title track is also the opener. They come over you in a blend of punk and alternative rock... with other elements added. The band can be described as crossover, coz they have elements you find e.g. at System Of A Down. But it's not like Clawfinger and their large variety of sounds don't make it easier to get in. Every time you think you figured out what is their aim, they change. Quite strange is Cold Comfort... A track which is somehow disturbing. With Running Off they almost got me, but again they push - too far. Well, all songs have some punk in the blend. And at the end you'll find a hidden track - but it takes more then 10 min. til it starts... Then it's like you listen to a bad Elvis clone in a hotel room and some annoyed hotel gust is knocking at the door... Very strange, and don't make it any better.
Well, I'm quite open to new stuff, to mixes of different sounds, but they can't get me. I don't know what's their target group, but if they are happy with this CD, then it's fine with me. The only recommendation I can give, go to their MySpace site and make up your mind!

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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