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On disc: Life Of Agony

- River Runs Again: Live 2003-10-24 - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars
- River Runs Again: Live 2003-10-24 (DVD) - Amir Djawadi -

River Runs Again: Live 2003-10-24 (DVD)

River Runs Again: Live 2003-10-24 (DVD)
(Steamhammer - 2003)

DVDs everywhere around! And so Life Of Agony released a DVD as well to be part of the music DVD scene.
Since 1995 the band had some problems and finally broke up in 1999. Lately they get closer again which led into the reunion in 2003. Main part of the DVD is the recording of the reunion show in New York earlier this year. To be honest, if you see the guys perform, you won't believe that they out of the limelight or that they broke up due to personal differences. A union and this union celebrated their music. Even the future looks bright, coz there are shows confirmed for this fall... At least a complete tour in Europe.
On the DVD the band shows an enormous joy of playing, performing - they are hot to rock!
The concert is amazing and the camera moves are first class as well as the sound. All that is combined with shots out of the audience' angle which gives a good idea about the event.
I can just recommend to get this DVD and next you'll find yourself buying a ticket for the coming shows.
What else is on the DVD? A photo gallery with high class live pictures of the band, a long interview with all 4 band members as well as a biography and discography. Completed it this package with previously unreleased video footage.Life Of Agony - and don't want to see the DVD - then you should get the double live CD. Life Of Agony are back! Let's see what the future holds for them...

Amir Djawadi(Translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


River Runs Again - Live 2003-10-24

River Runs Again - Live 2003-10-24
(Steamhammer - 2003)

Every metal fan who knows a little about Life Of Agony will know where the title of this live album is taken from. It's a hint to their most famous track River Runs Red which is also the opener on CD #1.
The double live album presents live recordings which were done during the sold out reunion shows in 2003 at the legendary New Yorker Irving Plaza. On CD #1 are songs like This Time, Other Side Of The River, Seasons and Heroin Dreams. On #2 you find the rest of the 18 songs including My Mind Is Dan­gerous, Let's Pretend and Through And Through. A kind of bonus for the fans are 3 songs from the solo albums / projects of Keith Caputo, drummer Sal Abruscato's project Supermassiv and of bassist Alan Robert's Among Thieves. Btw, beside the live DCD there is a DVD - review in the section 'Specials' - and for real fans a package with the DCD and DVD!
The live album is the right thing to get in the mood for the coming tour and makes you hot for a new studio album of Life Of Agony. It seems that the future will bring much more of them. Until we get more of Life Of Agony, let's listen to the current LOA release.

7 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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