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On disc: Lethal Saint

Lethal Saint - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Lethal Saint

Lethal Saint
(Pitch Black Records - 2010)

Cyprus-based label Pitch Black Records is out to make the metal world aware of bands from the mediterranian island and beyond. Lethal Saint seems to come right from the 80's like they entered a time machine or just escaped a time capsule which was sealed in the 80's...
With heavy riffs the Cypriots kick off Chains Of The Devil, an 80's inspired tune which shows reminiscences to Iron Maiden and some other NWoBHM bands. Galloping riffs, pounding drums and sing along vocal lines, sometimes fast, sometimes mid-paced - all this describes the sound of Lethal Saint at the opening track. And it also stands for the rest of the songs. Songs like Final Prayer and Thunder Strikes are true 80's stuff and so should catch the interested of the ones who love the music of that era. For Evil Inside they slow down a bit, a hymnic tune with a melancholy touch. Heavy Metal Knights is a song to chant-along. Let's party! At You're A Sinner guitarists Christos Papadopoulos and Andreas Kasapis show how well they work as a team. The epic Visions In The Night has reminiscences to Virgin Steele, even if singer Andreas Pougioukkas phrasing also shows paralells to Eric Adams. But the youngsters can't keep the listners interest on the long tracks. The music is too simple to fascinate you for more then 4+ minutes, it's mainly a lack of experience, so this is something they can change next time.
The youngsters aren't always on top level in their performance, but as they are quite young it seems to be a lack of experience. On the other hand it has the spirit of the early 80's where many bands released demos and later with more experience got the chance to make it. In a way this debut is like a demo of that days - at least to me. It's raw, it's authentic, but if it can keep up with other releases I doubt... There are still metalheads out there who pick up the old vinyl releases and listen to some quite unknown NWoBHM stuff, and if you are one of these nostalgic music lovers, then take a trip back in time and check out Lethal Saint!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


           2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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