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On disc: Les Discrets

Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Ariettes oubliées... - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Ariettes oubliées...

Ariettes oubliées...
(Prophecy Productions - 2012)

Les Discrets are back! Mastermind Fursy Teyssier takes us onto a sonic journey, into a dark, melancholy world with Ariettes oubliées.... The title is taken from Claude Debussy's same-titled song circle for piano and voice. It's no secret that Fursy Teyssier is into art in general and so citing a Debussy title isn't that weird as it may sound.

Slowly the trio kicks off with Linceul d'hiver, a song which in the second half is heavier but carries the same feeling. With La Traversée they continue, it's guitar-driven with a dash noise rock. But with 8+ minutes running time they have time to vary and add change speed. While Alcest have fast black metal passages, Les Discrets follow their own road. They are closer to shoegaze than to black metal. For La nuit muette they speed up a bit and head into a rock tune which is less melancholy, more longing... It shows a different facet of the Les Discrets' sound. At Après l' Ombre Les Discrets invites you to get lost in reverie... The opening passage of the closer Les Regrets is a beautiful, guitar-based dreamy sounds, but then they head into a part based on noisy guitar riffs. In a way this song represents the album best, coz it shows the different facets. But it's an instrumental, so you should check out a track with vocals to get the picture.

Les Discrets took their music to the next level, they sound more mature. It will be interesting to see / hear where they go musically with they next album, but meanwhile enjoy Ariettes oubliées...!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées

Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées
(Prophecy Productions - 2010)

Fursy Teyssier is a busy man and Les Discrets is his latest musical project, the debut album Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées will be released the same day as Alcest's new album -both via Prophecy Productions. So fans of shoegaze / post rock should check out both albums. The bands are tied as Fursy Teyssier was playing in Amesoeurs with Alcest's Neige and Winterhalter. And Tyessier did the cover of the new Alcest album Écailles De Lune. It seems the French scene isn't too big... Or Mon. Teyssier is a workoholic! Beside the music Fursy Teyssier is spending time making animated short films - e.g. awarded Tir Nan Og - and works as a painter.

And so Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées has to be seen in it's wholeness - the music and the artwork, a special art book edition is available with 56 pages full of Teyssier's illustrations.

Musically Fursy Teyssier is taking the listener into a world full of atmospheric soundscapes. The scenery is showing you the trinity of nature, love and death. Songs like L'échappée have a melancholy edge and the French vocals fit well. Unfortunately some music lovers will ignore the album just because of the French lyrics, but it's their loss! Metallic riffs lead you into Les feuilles de l'olivier, but there are only few passages where the metallic influence shines through. Song For Mountains invites you to daydream... Nature at night is mysterious, sometimes frightening, but also beautiful - like Effet de nuit. At the opening passage of the title track Septembre et ses dernières pensées you hear the wind blow, crows screaming and Audrey Hadorn adds some spoken words. The trio picks up speed a bit and the song becomes an atmospheric rocker, then silence...

Fursy Teyssier wrote the songs, played guitars and bass and takes care of the vocals - a true all-rounder. Audrey Hadorn was responsible for the lyrics and added some vocals. Alcest / Amesoers drummer Winterhalter delivered the beat, but Les Discrets are Fursy Teyssier's brainchild. Everybody who loves Alcest, Amesoeurs and similar acts and who isn't afraid of French lyrics should check out Les Discrets - even if they are less metallic.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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