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On disc: Legio Mortis

The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution

The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution
(MDD Records - 2011)

The German outfit Legio Mortis was founded back in 1995, in 2001 they released their debut Servants Of Satan. Now their 4th album is in stores - The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution. The cover reminds me a bit of Pestilence's Testimony For The Ancient...

The Intro leads you into the album, the first song is called Unholy Four. They combine elements of death, black and thrash metal at this one - and even a dash of dark metal. The vocals are brutal and show their death metal roots while blast parts represent their black metal roots. Buried Love is less brutal and more melodic due to a memorable keyboard and vocal line. The cover version of Paradise Lost's Pity The Sadness can't convince me, Legio Mortis's version is a bit more atmospheric, but it's lacks the magic Paradise Lost had in the days of Shades Of God.

At From Throat To Cunt they manage to combine the different sound and so it gives a good idea about the album and it's varying sounds. With Wir brauchen keine Hirten they offer a song with German lyrics, but that's not the only reason why this one sticks out. The song has a dash of punk woven into the Legio Mortis mix. At Life Denied they are joined by Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes) and with her angelic voice she make this one special. A memorable riff leads you into Legio Mortis, another song where they use speed changes and different sounds. The closer Thorn In My Eye starts slowly and atmospheric, but then the song explodes, offers hyper-fast passages and black-ish elements. Just when you get the feeling that you heard this before they surprise you with some twists and turns.

Purists won't get into The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution, but fans who like the combination of the different genres, should check out the album.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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