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On disc: Lefay

- SOS - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Noise International - 2000)

This is the 7th album of Charles Rytk÷nen and his friends, if you incl. The Morgana Lefay releases. The album begins with the morse code for SOS...
Which is the name of the album, a conceptual album. Most of the songs are typical Lefay tracks like Sleepwalker, When Gargoyles Fly and Bloodred Sky. But Epicedium is different, a track which starts slowly and Charles sings in a more intense way... Due to the concept the songs show a larger variety, but it's still Lefay! The story? A man who lies in coma and is haunted by nightmares, but his nightmares become reality...
He hears this dit-dit-dit-dat-dat-dat-dit-dit-dit and it's driving him crazy. In the darkness, the cold he hears voices calling and he wants to wake up, to end this nightmares. After a while he understands what all this means and he tries to find his way. At the end he had to choose between two doors...
One will lead him into a bright future and the other into damnation... And there is still this signal.... And he realizes that it's meaning Save Our Souls!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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