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On disc: Led To The Grave

Sent To Burn - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Sent To Burn

Sent To Burn
(self-released - 2010)

Another band from Boston is on their way - Led To The Grave. The band was formed in 2006, but it took a bit to find a solid line-up. As soon as this was found they started playing shows all over Massachusetts. In mid-2007 they released a demo and later that year recorded their debut album. The self-titled full-length album was a DIY release, but the band got help from PATAC Records, Ragnarock Records and made sure that a digital version is available.
While the demos were limited to 100 copies, their debut was limited to 1,000 copies - same with the new EP Sent To Burn. The band is still working on their own, keep cooperating with PATAC Records and Ragnarok Records.
Led To The Grave isn't a old school Bay Area thrash band, the band combines thrash metal with death metal elements, and even if alls songs are fast ones they vary musically and vocally. At Metalwhore they slow down for a bit and offer a passage based on a heavy groove and with a melodic hook. Architect Of Doom will remind you of some Scandinavian death thrashers, but the foursome is smart enough not to stay too close to genre acts. Especially the guitar work of Chris Crobar and CT Thomas is very interesting, the drum sound is a bit dull, but hell it's a DIY release! The closer Bloodtrott shows that the foursome is influenced by Iron Maiden, but then they storm off into another death thrasher. For me the highlight of Sent To Burn! Hopefully they will offer more stuff like this in future and that they can sign a good deal to give more metal fans the chance to discover this band!
The 5-track EP is another DIY release and is released as a digi-pack. As it's limited you should be quick, coz after touring the US frequently - and a short upcoming tour this October - it might be sold out soon...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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