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On disc: Lava Engine

In Limbo - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

In Limbo

In Limbo
(self-released - 2010)

Lava Engine is a Swedish quartet and with In Limbo they present their 2nd EP. They did the EP on their own, but signed a distribution deal with Liljegren Records to make the EP widely available.
They kick off with Drain Your Soul, a tune with heavy riffs, progressive elements and melodic vocal lines. Magnus Florin and his mates combine progressive metal la Riverside with Roger Waters-like vocals, rattling drums with heavy riffs. At the title track In Limbo they show a mix of art rock and alternative rock and on top melancholy vocals. Later they head into a progressive passage, but it seems not to happen naturally... It sounds forced. Common Ground is easy to get into, but the drum sound doesn't fit to the tune. The rattling drums fit to a metal track, but this is more progressive alternative rock... Ctrl Z is heavier, more metal - so to speak - at the opening passage, a bit doomy first, but then they turn around and head into a rock passage, back to the opening theme. Going back and forth don't give the song a chance to develop. It's a roller coaster ride. The closer is called Windows Closed, and again they mix different sounds.
Well, Lava Engine know how to play, and I think they have a vision, but so far didn't succeed to melt the different sounds into one. It sounds like being penned at the drawing table... If they manage to make it sound more natural, they really have a chance at the prog scene.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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