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On disc: Last Tribe

- Witch Dance - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Witch Dance

Witch Dance
(Frontiers - 2002)

Another band from Sweden, you might think and expect something like Hammerfall or the Swedish melodic death metal, but then you are wrong! The foursome offers melodic metal with progressive elements.
After an intro the band starts with the title track Witches Dance which also represent the album very good. Their debut The Ritual got good critics in Europe and Asia and put some pressure on the quintet, but they handled it very well. But there was a line-up change. Guitarist Magnus Karlsson and vocalist Rickard Bengtsson parted ways with their former fellows who are still friends. With drummer Jaime Salazar they 'hired' one of the best Swedish drummer, known for his work with e.g. Flower Kings and Midnight Sun. Bassist Dick Lwgren was also in Midnight Sun which got Last Tribe a solid rhythm section. A track like Bring Out The Brave and Man Of Peace shows that main songwriter Magnus Karlsson is also inspired by neo-classical metal la Rainbow and his fellow-countryman Yngwie Malmsteen.
They try to keep a balance between progressive metal and neo-classical stuff. Partly the progressive elements are a little too much, a little less would be better for the song, but... Check Wash Your Sins Away therefor. On other tracks the catchy chorus makes the song easy to remember, e.g. Behind Your Eyes. With Wake Up The World they have a kind of power ballad on the album which became alive through the emotional vocals of Rickard Bengtsson.
Nice piece of work and a got basis to continue, but they are on their way... The next album will show, it they will make it or break it to quote a common saying of the music biz.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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