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On disc: Last Autumn's Dream

- Last Autumn's Dream - Monika Schmidt - 8 stars

Last Autumn's Dream

Last Autumn's Dream
(Frontiers - 2003)

Never heard of the band? Me, too. But you will know the protagonists! This is the new band of former Fair Warning guitarist Andy Malecek. He recruited the Swedish singer Mikael Erlandsson and the Europe members Mic Michaeli, John Leven and Ian Haugland. They open up the album with a mid-tempo rocker called Again And Again which has quite bombastic refrains. Another mid-tempo tune is High Up. But there are also the obligatory ballads like Guardian Angel - really great - and The One. A little melancholy ballad Blink Of The Eye is a kind of anthem and soon sneaks into your ear. Most songs are balladesque. Doin' Time is a little Yes-like and gives a short glimpse at another shade of their sound. A real bombastic one is Break The Chains (Of Destiny) which is based on some keyboard passages. In Japan this album will be a top seller, but outside Japan only time will tell. I can recommend this album to every melodic rock / metal fan, especially fans of Europe, Treat, Stage Dolls, Skagarack and similar acts will love this one.

8 stars

Monika Schmidt
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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