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On disc: Lanfear

X To The Power Of Ten - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
This Harmonic Consonance - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars
This Harmonic Consonance - Philip Thelen - 9 stars

This Harmonic Consonance

This Harmonic Consonance
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

Four years after releasing their last album X To The Power Of Ten in 2008 it was time to release a brand new album. With This Harmonic Consonance I was introduced to Lanfear for the very first time. Their mixture of melodic and harsh power metal with some progressive influences is quiet unique on the market. Maybe it is the voice of vocalist Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes which is sounding different to 'usual' power metal bands. The production is well done and the arrangements are intelligent. While listening to the album for the very first time I thought that all tracks are sounding similar, but when listening more and more to it you will get known to the little details. They know how to compose and arrange their tunes well. There is also a lot of passion in the production. I won't write down the details of every single track, but only some of my faves.

The first track is a very catchy, melodic introduction which leads very heavy to the second track Colours Of Chaos. They combine harsh metal riffs with some epic melodic tunes which brings a nice contrast to the music. Another very great song is Camera Silens. This harsh song offers an very epic chorus which burns directly your ears. I also recommend the title track Disharmonic Consonance with also a great chorus.

This German power metal band is on the right way. In times were well known power metal bands are releasing average albums, Lanfear got the essence of writing new classics due to their passion. Check them out!

Tracks I recommend: Colours Of Chaos, By-Product Nation, Camera Silens, Idiopathic Discreation, Disharmonic Consonance

9 stars

Philip Thelen


This Harmonic Consonance

This Harmonic Consonance
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

With 5 albums already at their CV they should be filled with experience to make something more worked through than this album they call This Harmonic Consonance. Their singer Nuno Fernandes can not make the most serious impression, so the albums is somehow disarmed in that position. Their songs are mostly boring, but a few glimpses of hope comes in I, Robo Sapiens where they get the heavy guns brought to life with melodic and strong metal. Idiopathic Discreation gives us a nice symphonic and powerful song where they really gets the guitars to work. Lanfear needs to sharpen their sound a lot, if they want to catch the fans approval.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


X To The Power Of Ten

X To The Power Of Ten
(Locomotive Records - 2008)

I lost interest in Lanfear with singer Tobias Althammer, now they are back with a new singer and as I know Nuno Miguel Fernandes from his former band Anguish, I was curious to hear their new album. The album is called X To The Power Of Ten is kicking off with some noise, music in the far back and then the words "You're trapped!" Heavy riffs and pounding drums lead you into Enter Dystopia which can shine through the great vocals of Nuno Miguel Fernandes. The keyboard of Richie Seibel is supporting the melody line, but stays in the background. The fiver uses tempi changes and the vocals switch between emotional parts and some more aggressive ones. Later in the song they kinda get lost in the progressive sounds, but find their way back to the main theme. Great tune which shows what's Lanfear about these days. They add some heaviness to their sound for My Will Be Done. Sharp riffs dominate this up-tempo rocker which has a thrashy edge, but a catchy hook line. And it's the contrast between the fast thrashy parts and the highly melodic refrain. Decryption is an interlude with some spacy sounds and leads you over to Brave New Men. The track is an atmospheric mid-tempo tune with slow melodic parts and some touching vocal parts. Lanfear know how to surprise the listener with twists and turns, but also know how to write songs which drag you into the sound universe of Lanfear with the first spin! The beginning of Just Another Broken Shell Nuno Miguel Fernandes' vocals for a moment remind me of Savatage... But then they go a different way and present a laid-back tune with an epic touch. And a dash melancholy. Even if A Twin Phenomenon shows them very heavy and with aggressive growls, they show the other extreme, too. They switch between soft and very melodic passages and heavy, riff-based parts. A musical roller coaster ride. On The Art Of Being Alone guitarist Markus Ullrich added not just precise riffs, also some 'singing' guitar line. But they all do a great job here and everybody can show his skills within the songs. On the other hand there is no clashing of egos, everyone is there to support the song. Well done!

Lanfear are back with progressive power metal and a great singer! With Nuno Miguel Fernandes they have found the best singer for their sound and they should be able to get attention. And soon the German quintet should enter the top 20 of progressive power metal bands... I can highly recommend this album to every prog power metal fan!
Check out: The Question Keeper, Enter Dystopia and The Art Of Being Alone.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

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