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On disc: Laneslide

Flying High - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Flying High

Flying High
(Avenue Of Allies - 2013)

Laneslide is a project of Italian guitarist Bruno Kraler who hooked up with John Billings (Rick Springfield), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever), Domink Hülshorst (ex-Bonfire) and singer Frank Vestry (Marchello / Vestry). Together they recorded Flying High, a hard rock album with heavy riffs and catchy melodies.

The kick off with the title track, an ear catcher! Flying High invites you to sing along and even the 80's elements sound fresh. At River Of Love they add a dash of Whitesnake to the mix and it works pretty good. Dancing Girls is a happy melodic rocker which will make you move! I always liked Laura Branigan's 80's hit Self Control and Laneslide make it rock! Pure fun!

They close the album with the piano ballad Washed Away. I think one more ballad would have done the album good, but it isn't easy to write great ballads, so I can deal with just one, coz it's done very well.

Fans of hard rock with some 80's sounds which are well-performed and fun to listen, give Laneslide a chance!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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