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On disc: Michael Landau

- The Star-spangled Banner - Amir Djawadi - 4 stars

The Star-spangled Banner

The Star-spangled Banner
(UlfTone Music - 2001)

I won't introduce Michael Landau to you, coz I think that the man and the musicians is known. Rather I want to tell you about his new, his 2nd solo album which the guitar magician present now after a more then 20 year lasting career. This man showed his skills on more then 100 releases and toured with great names like Seal and James Taylor around the world. Beside that he finds time to do some less commercial projects from time to time.
At least he released under the name Karizma the musical cooperation with drummer extra-ordinary Vinnie Colaiuta (e.g. with Sting). Michael Landau has the God-given talent as a guitarist and took the time to work on the CD for a longer period without hindrance. Intensive creative phases have just been adjourned through other responsibilities. But he never had to work under pressure and so the relaxed feeling is pass over to the listener.
On the release are 13 songs which offer instrumentals and songs which are sung by Michael Landau himself. He got a helping hand from many different musicians like his brother Ted on bass and drummer Toss Panos on drums. Sentimental compositions and rougher tracks can be found on this disc and virtuoso guitar parts are next to melancholy acoustic parts.
Versatility was always one of Michael Landau's qualities which he proof again on this album. Btw, the solo debut Tales From The Bulge will be in the stores at the same time as a re-release with a bonus track in a digital re­mastered version. So, get both!

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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