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On disc: Lamb Of God

Wrath - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Hourglass: The Ultimate Anthology - Chris Jähnecke - 8 stars

Hourglass: The Ultimate Anthology

Hourglass: The Ultimate Anthology
(Roadrunner Records - 2010)

Lamb Of God is one of the big names in metal and in 2006 they played the sold out Unholy Alliance tour with Slayer. Now they have something special for their fans - Hourglass: The Ultimate Anthology. The anthology is a kind of retrospective of their career and includes:

- Hourglass - Volume 1 - The Underground Years
- Hourglass - Volume II - The Epic Years
- Hourglass - Volume III - The Vault

Wherever pain, frustration and adrenaline become anger, then Lamb Of God might be near. Six years ago the band from Richmond (Virginia) changed their name from Burn The Priest to Lamb Of God and soon they were known for their brutal music. "We founded this band, coz nobody played the music we wanted to hear!" singer Randy Blythe commented.

Hourglass represents the early years as well as the album released on a major label, it is a collection of thrash, hardcore and metal - and it shows the progress they made as musicians and song writers through the years.

Hourglass: Vol 1 - The Underground Years:
13 of the most choice Lamb of God songs from their early years. Culled from their first album Burn The Priest, their debut as Lamb Of God, New American Gospel, and the album that put them on the map, As The Palaces Burn.

1. Black Label (4:52)
2. Ruin (3:54)
3. Bloodletting (1:58)
4. Pariah (4:26)
5. Resurrection #9 (5:16)
6. 11th Hour (3:44)
7. The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion (4:12)
8. As The Palaces Burn (2:27)
9. Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard (5:39)
10. Lies Of Autumn (4:48)
11. O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E. (5:13)
12. Suffering Bastard (2:09)
13. Vigil (4:44)

Hourglass: Vol 2 - The Epic Years:
13 of the most choice Lamb Of God songs from their career on Epic Records to this point. Both Grammy nominated songs Redneck and Set To Fail are surrounded by fan favorite anthems and crushing riffs from Ashes Of The Wake to Sacrament to 2009's #2 debut Wrath.

01. The Passing (1:59)
02. In Your Words (5:25)
03. Hourglass (4:01)
04. Walk With Me In Hell (5:12)
05. Contractor (3:23)
06. Now You've Got Something To Die For (3:41)
07. Descending (3:37)
08. Set To Fail (3:47)
09. Blacken The Cursed Sun (5:30)
10. The Faded Line (4:37)
11. Dead Seeds (3:42)
12. Redneck (3:42)
13. Laid To Rest (3:51)

Hourglass: Vol 3 - The Vault:
18 rare or never heard before songs. Included are Japanese issued bonus tracks, multiple rehearsal demos, along side the 8 songs recorded prior to Burn The Priest.

01. We Die Alone (4:38)
02. Shoulder Of Your God (5:55)
03. Condemn The Hive (Wrath Japanese Bonus Track) (3:41)
04. Another Nail For Your Coffin (4:37)
05. Nippon (Japanese Release Track) (3:55)
06. Now You've Got Something To Die For (Rehearsal Demo) (3:52)
07. Hourglass (Rehearsal Demo) (4:33)
08. More Time To Kill (Rehearsal Demo) (3:41)
09. Dead Seeds (Rehearsal Demo) (3:53)
10. In Your Words (Rehearsal Demo) (5:19)
11. Leech (Burn the Priest Tour Tape version) (2:29)
12. Salivation (Burn The Priest Tour Tape version) (2:09)
13. Lame (Burn The Priest Tour Tape version) (2:12)
14. Duane (Burn The Priest Tour Tape version) (2:13)
15. Ruiner (Burn The Priest 7 inch) (1:59)
16. Ballad of Kansas City (Burn The Priest 7 inch) (1:50)
17. Suffering Bastard (Burn The Priest 7 inch) (2:01)
18. Preaching to the Converted (Burn The Priest 7 inch) (2:22)

Fans who don't own everything of the Richmond boys, can complete the collection with this special release. ;)

8 stars

Chris Jähnecke
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)



(Roadrunner Records - 2009)

The Richmond-based band Lamb Of God is around for a decade, but the predecessor Burn The Priest started in the mid-90's. With their last 2 albums they get a little more melodic, but with Wrath they kinda return to the sound of their early days. But the opening of The Passing is based on acoustic guitar and even when the band joins in the short instrumental track stays melodic. They are back on track with In Your Words, a fast, raw tune with growls. The speed changes, some parts are more mid-paced while some are faster or only have fast drum parts. The song has some complexity, but also aggression The guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler add some melodic parts, but the song is too bulky to be catchy. For Set To Fail they speed up. A break and some up-tempo guitar-driven part follows. Here and there the influence of bands like Slayer and early Metallica shines through. Contractor sound like an old recording... The mix is a bit unbalanced, coz the bass is most of the time inaudible, only during a short part when everybody else steps back. The wall of guitars is drowning it.... At Fake Messiah they use a poor drum sound in the beginning, but it seems to be more an effect, coz later the drums sound better, even if I'm still not convinced by it. Randy Blythe switches between raspy vocals and growls, but his vocals push the guitar melody into the background and so takes away what might have hooked you up. Grace starts slowly with melodic guitar play and shows them quite differently, but then they explode into a guitar-based track with hammering drums and pumping bass. The guitar play is very cool and the vocals are almost catchy, this one is so far my favorite! It can hook you up without loosing heaviness and aggression! After another quite raw tune called Broken Hands they head into Dead Seeds which offers melodic guitars on top of a forcing rhythm section. The aggression and meanness are only coming from the vocals! Not bad at all! And they are back to attack! Everything Is Nothing is bringing back their early days... But again the guitar play sticks out. The closer is Reclamation and again they use acoustic guitars to lead into this long track and as you expect they soon go full force. But they get back to the opening theme for a brief moment. Its the contrast between the slow passages and the heavy parts.
Personally I prefer tracks like Grace, Reclamation and Dead Seeds, but the ones of you who love their heavy, raw side, will prefer Fake Messiah and Broken Hands. So, check Lamb Of God out and make up your mind!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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