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On disc: Lahmia

Into The Abyss - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Into The Abyss

Into The Abyss
(Bakerteam Records - 2012)

New bands are always welcome in the metal world. Lahmia comes from Italy, and has a pure talent which shows in their kind of music, a genre that is best labeled as extreme metal. Even as it is their debut album there is a steady line in their songs like there was a lot of earlier musical work to inspiration from, but there is not from this Italian metal band, they just found the right buttons to push. Flavio Gianello handles the guitars with a raw talent and craftsmanship, the singer Francesco Amerise gives the band a kind of power to make the extreme metal atmosphere.

The opening song is Drag Me To Hell, and the listeners get a dangerous dark rhythm, mysterious fingertip feelings about what music there is behind the dark growls from Francesco Amerise. Nightfall is extremely powerful and make your backbone shake from the impression Lahmia put into the song, very well done. Into The Abyss comes with flying rhythm guitars, a great tempo to make their power metal fast and dangerous. My Crown is without any doubt the best song on the CD, soft metal power which rises to an evil creation that gets your attention whether you want it or not. Sure enough there are a few songs that are not of the same high quality, but a good album to bring the attention to Italian extreme metal newcomers, Lahmia.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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