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On disc: L.A. Guns

Made In Milan - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Made In Milan

Made In Milan
(Frontiers Records - 2018)

After main men Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns parted ways, both did their own version of L.A. Guns - and finally reunited in 2016. Their album The Missing Piece was well received by fans and media and in 2017. The Made In Milan album was recorded at Frontiers Records festival in Milan and is now released on CD and DVD!

L.A. Guns kick off with No Mercy, a heavy opening, but well chosen. The opener shows that they are alive'n'kicking, that Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are best when they work together. Focusing on their classics they throw in Speed of their latest studio album.

The band sounds tight and energetic. The dynamic duo gets the perfect playground delivered by drummer Shane Fitzgibbon, bassist Johnny Martin and rhythm guitarist Michael Grant. At songs like Sex Action you can the audience sing along. A surprise is the end of Sex Action where they head into Paint It Black for a moment.

With Malaria, Never Enough and The Ballad Of Jayne they have the highlights of 1989's Cocked And Loaded on this live album - and their fans will love it! Btw, The Ballad Of Jayne is the only ballad on this album!

At Jelly Jam Tracii Guns get the chance to demonstrate his talent without restrictions of a song. He let his guitar sing!

L.A. Guns fans will get their copy anyway, but everybody who loves sleazy hard rock should give this album a chance. It's great to hear the old classic again live - and the band is stronger than ever!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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