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In Words: Karma To Burn

- Rich Mullins - Aug. 2011 - Lars Bjørn -

Karma To Burn
© Mike Harris

Rich Mullins - August 22nd 2011 (by email)

Karma To Burn have a new album out called V, most song titles are just numbers which makes one wonder what inspired them... A Chinese menu? Anyway, time to learn a little more about the Americans. Thanks to bassist Rich Mullins for answering my questions!

Please tell us about the beginning of the band... and also a bit about the situation about your disbanding?

Will and myself (Richie) started the band way back when we were very young, angry, and careless individuals who wanted to create a music that catered to our specific tastes. Basically we wanted to mold AC/DC with Joy Division, Black Flag and Sonic Youth.

By the way: why did you choose the name Karma To Burn?

We had heard an older gentleman in our village, Morgantown West Virginia, use the phrase whilst describing himself as a lucky individual who just evaded arrest by Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents.

When did you start writing songs for the V album? It's very soon after your latest album from 2010...

We are constantly writing or at least jotting down ideas for songs. We had actually started some of these songs before AI was completed.

Do you write songs as a band? or is there a main songwriter?

We write as a band, but most songs start with a guitar riff from Will.

What inspires you to write music / lyrics?

We love rock. We like shaping songs, that cater to ourselves. Its an inner inspiration. Quite selfish honestly, but none the less we write what we know, and its honest.

By the way: what bands / artists made you start playing? And which bands / artists are you listening to these days?

Well, as we said before, we love ACDC, Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, Joy Division, Sonic Youth to name a few. Right now I listen to a lot of 80's dance music that is terribly banal, and I love it. Life is a strange muse.

How long did the recording take?

About 12 days.

Where did you record V? Who produced the album?

Studio 606. John Lousteau produced with us. It was an awesome studio and he is a fantastic guy.

Who did the artwork? And how is it tied to the album title?

Well, Alexander Von Weiding created the art off of my ideas. We felt it reflected an emotion that captured the music and we also felt V captured the essence of both. Simple and reflecting many of life's great paradoxes.

Which songs do you think represent V best? And why?

47, 49, 48. Really capture us at that moment in time. That's really what is all about. Hopefully, in time, others will identify with them as well.

Will you do a video? Which songs would you like to visualize?

We did. Its for The Cynics. Its all about the duality of man. Check it out on YouTube! We will be making a whole movie next. It will blow the doors off of rock n roll stagnating waters.

I guess you already got some feedback. Are you satisfied so far?

We don't listen to any feedback that we don't create. Literally. We have our ideas and we stick to them. You get out what you put in.

What about playing live? Anything on the way?

Go to and look at tours. We have already played over 100 shows in support of V and have 100 more scheduled right now.

Do you plan to record some live footage - not talking about Pro Shots - for YouTube or similar platforms?

Our fans are awesome and do it better than we ever could. It's honest. You have to love it.

How are people reacting to your idea with instrumental songs identified by simply a number?

47, 48, 49 etc. They find it unusual. I had no idea numbers inspired so much fear. Heheh.

Talking about the internet. Social network is both a blessing and a curse. What's your opinion about it?

You definitely can find anyone, anywhere, anytime and get into their head. Its leading to a collective conscious but it is certainly at an awkward point right now.

What's next on your schedule?

The UK, then the movie! Look for it in 2 years, its going to be revolutionary.

Anything you want to add?

Please join us for a live show someday. Yes? 100% Pure Uncut

Lars Bjørn


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