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On disc: Kultur Shock

- Live In Europe - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Live In Europe

Live In Europe
(Kultur Shock Rec. - 2007)

This unique band is around for 10 years and now present Live In Europe which was recorded Dec. 1st 2006 in Sofia (Bulgaria) at a sold-out show. With 4 albums under their belt they finally got the chance to play shows in the Balkan area where 3 band members came from. If you take a look at the album titles and song titles you realize that this sextet want to have a good time. They want to have fun - and at the recorded concert band and fans had a good time!
Musically they mix very different sounds and so it's really just for the open-minded! They mix Balkan pop with nu metal, Latin sounds, punk and even jazz! A sick blend of sounds, but it works and it hook you up right away - or you will hate it. I find this mixture quite entertaining and their sense of humor is unique. Listen to Tutti Frutti where they seems to make fun of the Italians... But that's just a guess, coz I don't understand anything beside the few Italian words. But a song title like God Is Busy shows that they don't take things too serious. Their metal-influences are obvious in the guitar riffing at Istanbul while at other parts the violin of Matty Noble is taking care of the sounds from the East. As you can hear the fans sing along, you get a good idea about the atmosphere of the concert. But actually this is something to revive memories, so go see them live on tour, get a copy of this album and let the memories carry you away!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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