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Learning To Fly - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

Bulgaria is not specifically known for metal bands, but here we get a good representative from the metal music from Bulgaria. Let me say it from the start, the sound is so East European that you can hear right on, just as you can tell which part of the World a person is from. The sound quality is not the best on this debut album from the Bulgarians who have exists since 2001. It has a good introduction with the song Icaria, and is more in place on a album called Learning To Fly, Icaria is adventure-driven metal and epic at the same time. Visions is another song in the symphonic end added doses of metal rock, a fine song from the debutants. Cold Winds is surely melodic metal but too much dominated by the drums, this is a clear example of the East European music sound. How Can There Be has a bombastic powerful metal sound but it is still without surprises and very simple in the structure. The One gives the listeners a well-composed ballad where they put their heart into the performance and delivers a very great song above the average. False Reality is more standard heavy metal, again the typical East European sound, but they have a hard drive in the song that makes it better than most of their material. Warmachine is a metal song where almost nothing happens, steady rhythm but with a fine guitar solo from Georgi Kushev. One of their problems is that they have played so long time together without releasing any albums, and their singer Dimo Petkov doesn't have the energy to give the band something extra.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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