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On disc: Krokus

- Rock The Block - Anika Peterson - 8 stars
- Hellraiser - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(AFM Records - 2006)

The Swiss rockers are back with Hellraiser and open up with the title track shows that they are back to their roots. This is heavy rock as we all know it from their Headhunter album. The guys still know how to write catchy heavy rock tunes! With new drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ex-Accept, ex-Helloween, ex-U.D.O.) they have someone in the band who delivers the right beat and with bassist Tony Castell the rhythm section is complete. With Too Wired To Sleep they speed up a bit, but melodies are still important and here guitarist Mandy Meyer (ex-Asia, ex-Gotthard)adds some nice guitar lines which build a counter-part in the chorus to Storace vocals. With the following Hangman they slow down a bit and present a hard rock tune - and so you got the full range of their sound within the first 3 songs. One of my favorites is So Long which is very intense and a beautiful balladesque track. Spirit Of The Night is a real fast one! Fast melodic metal, but still catchy and with screaming guitars.
The digi-pack has as a bonus track Walking In The Spirit which is another riff-based rocker. And 2 video clips - Hellraiser and Rock City (live 2005) - and some wallpapers. So get the digi-pack, if you can.
For hard rock fans this is a real treat from the first note. Give it a try and listen to Hellraiser, Angel Of My Dreams and So Long or any other song.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Rock The Block

Rock The Block
(WEA Music - 2004)

Well, this band is longer existing then I'm on Earth... Kinda scary. I heard their songs on parties and so I new what to expect when friends gave me this CD. I learnt that the original singer Marc Storace is back in the band. The rough voice of Marc Storace and the heavy rock / metal they are playing is in a way similar to AC/DC, even if they aren't as heavy. The songs have a heavy groove, rock riffing and some R'n'B influences. Simply dirty party rock. The opener Mad World could sound a little more modern, but Leading The Pack shows them in a better shape. With We'll Rise they have a semi-balladesque song, but it needs a few spins to get into. Grooving and rocking tracks like One For All and Looking To America are growing faster and soon make you move.
A good comeback album which - I got told - is in the vain of their early 80's releases. So, if you like the Krokus hits, this one is right for you, too.

8 stars

Anika Peterson
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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