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On disc: Krohm

The Haunting Presence - Carsten Bahr - 7 stars

The Haunting Presence

The Haunting Presence
(Debemur Morti - 2007)

Krohm is a one-man-project from Jet City who delivered a very impressive debut album A World Through Dead Eyes. A good suicide black metal album. Now mastermind Numinas has the 2nd album out and again he is responsible for vocals, guitars, bass and drum computer - and he stays on the chosen path, but expended the sound spectrum a little bit. The simple hypnotic riffing and the long depressive disharmonies are still there as well as the monotonous drumming and his disdaining screaming. Long tracks with more then 7 minutes running time with dark, depressive sounds which seem to drag you into a maelstrom of darkness. A new facet are the fast parts, something he offers at the opener Black Shores which surprises the listener with blast beats, clashing rhythms and lead guitar parts which creep into your brain. But after the blast part the song slows down to mid-pace... Brings you back into a blue funk. At Relic and Tra La Carne E Il Nulla - with Italian lyrics - he stays fast, while Lifeless Serenade and Syndrome bring back the dark depressive mid-tempo stuff. Another Italian song is the fast I Respiri Delle Ombre where Numinas offers another bludgeon one. Krohm refined the sound, but stays depressive. The whole album is like a pitch-black depressive trip which isn't suitable for people who have suicidal tendencies! Dark, abysmal and inhuman!

7 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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