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On disc: Krilya

Maxi Single - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Maxi Single

Maxi Single
(self-released - 2008)

The Ukraine band Krilya was founded in 2004 and they released their first demo in 2007. Now they are back with a 4-track EP.
The five-some kicks off with a fast and slightly thrashy tune which title means The First Battle. The band is obviously influenced by NWoBHM bands and presents a riff-based song. The refrain is catchy, just the Russian lyrics make it difficult for non-Russian speakers to sing along. In the midst of the song a break leads into a heavy mid-paced part and here singer Oleksandr Pyjusnin can show his talent, but then the guitars take over and a solo with some neo-classical elements follows. But also some dual leads and after a short drum part they speed up again. At the end you even get some high screams. The next one reminds me a bit of old Helloween... The track title means The Wings and is less fast then the opener, but has a dash of aggression. A guitar-driven rocker which can hook you up. The guitars are partly quite Maiden-ish, but the heavy metal tune isn't Maiden-ish. With what's called Man Of War they present their last original tune, even if there is one more - an Iron Maiden cover. This one is catchy and live will be the one for fans to sing along. Not really a metal hymn, but well... Again the guitars are a bit Maiden-like, seems that the Ukrainians are real fans of the British, but they add some other elements and singer Oleksandr isn't copying Bruce Dickinson.
Last, but not least their cover of Iron Maiden's The Evil That Men Do - with Russian lyrics! That's quite interesting, coz due to the other language the song seems so different. But musically they stick to the original. Well done!
You can go to and there you'll find a link to download.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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