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On disc: KrashKarma

Straight To The Blood - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Straight To The Blood

Straight To The Blood
(Fastball Music - 2010)

KrashKarma was started in 2005 as Suicide Holiday by German guitarist Ralf Dietel. The foursome renamed to KrashKarma when they started writing music for Fox Sports. But they also play a lot live and now present their full-length debut Straight To The Blood.
The open up with Last Wish, a heavy groove and metallic riffs are spiced up with a dash of gothic and industrial. Singer and guitarist Ralf Dietel shares vocal duties with drummer Niki Skistimas who adds more then just backings here. Next in line is 9Lives (1,2,Die), again KrashKarma mixes up different sound elements, this one is based in metalcore but also has some alternative metal elements. With Take The Money they introduce electro sound and Niki takes over the lead vocals. Somehow this make me think of Exilia... After another rocker they kick off Tears Of Gasoline balladesque, but then also offer heavy, mid-paced parts. Quite catchy. After Favorite Things with melodic and aggressive vocal parts they kick off the closer The Void with heavy riffs and Niki's melodic voice. The song has a melancholy edge and offers heavy riffs next to slow melodic passages.
Even if the songs seem to be catchy, when the CD stops you won't remember much. The mix isn't bad, but the songs too much alike. But I recommend to keep an eye on KrashKarma, coz they are talented but need to find their own sound. It's obvious that they are trying to, but so far haven't really found their identity.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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