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On disc: Korpiklaani

- Tervaskanto - Philip Thelen - 8 stars


(Napalm Records - 2007)

Tervaskanto is the newest work of the Finnish Korpiklaani. The humppa folk metal band seems to like a good drink... At least the song titles give this idea when you read titles like Let's Drink or the classic Beer Beer off one of their previous releases. Korpiklaani want to have fun and they offer it live and on disc. They drag you along! And once in awhile they had too much alcohol before the show, but well... Again the Nordic present us a bunch of songs which aren't always easy to jot down... Or articulate. But that's something we are already used to from the Finnish. They kick off with Let`s Drink, a homage to alcohol - the way we know it from the Finnish. Next in line is the title track Tervaskanto. Drums force ahead accompanied by guitar riffs and the typical violin. The song is focused in the catchy refrain which will stay with you for awhile. Viima comes over you with 3/4 beat and is based more in folk then the first ones - and again with Finnish lyrics. Veriset Äpärät has a groovy riff and again it's accompanied by a typical violin melody. It's followed by the instrumental tune Running With The Wolves - which is also based in traditional folk music. Liekiön Isku has some fat riffs and will live start some mosh pit... A bit slower and with an acoustic intro they lead you into Palovana, later you get distorted guitars and the Korpiklaani typical sound elements. With Karhunkaatolaulu they have another title which only Finnish will easily pronounce. Luckily the this isn't an indication for the quality of the songs, coz this one is just great. Back to English words with Misty Fields. And this is the perfect tune to sing along... An ear catcher! Vesilahden Veräjillä is again more based in folk metal and with Nordic Feast you get the last one - an anthem-like one which is kinda waves you goodbye... Away from the Nordic and the alcohol.
My resume: A damn good album which is pure fun! Especially after a few drinks! Korpiklaani already have a fan base, but if you aren't familiar with their music, but like humppa / Nordic folk, then you should get yourself a copy of Tervaskanto.

8 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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