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On disc: Knight Area

- Under A New Sign - Philip Thelen - 7 stars

Under A New Sign

Under A New Sign
(Laser's Edge - 2007)

Knight Area present down-to-Earth progressive rock - and they remind me a bit of GB Arts... I wonder what happened to them... Anyway, the voice is a bit Pink Floyd-like... The music is quite calm. The opening track A Different Man can be compared to some slow Pink Floyd tune as well - and I like it -, but later in the song the septet show that they have their own style developed. The songs are full of cool keyboard parts and guitar solos, nice vocals and some prog elements. The songs have an average of 7 minutes and so present a lot keyboard and guitar melody lines, but also a bit tiring.
In my opinion the album is interesting for real prog fans, people who like some prog elements in their music might not enjoy this... Its a pity, coz the band is talented.
I recommend: A Different Man, Exit L.U.M.C. and Under A New Sign.

7 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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