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On disc: Kju:

- Draw Lines On - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Draw Lines On

Draw Lines On
(Swell Creek Rec. - 2002)

Never heard of the band Kju:? Don't mind, coz the quartet from Hannover, Germany just started. They started back in late 1998, but had a few line-up changes before finding their current line-up. In fall 2000 they recorded a 4-track EP and about a year later they got the first offers. The band decided to sign with Swell Creek Records and released in May 2002 their debut Draw Lines On. The EP as well as the debut album were produced and mixed by Martin Rohlfing and is co-produced by the four. That's their history in a nutshell.
Coming from different musical backgrounds they found their home in heavy, alternative guitar-driven metal, even if this can't describe their sound entirely. To get an idea what to expect listen to the opening track Iodine. On 6fold the band presents themselves much heavier then on the opening track. This one is more based on metal, the heavy riffing guitar of Kord, the hammering bass of Sven-Olaf and the pounding drums of Peter build the basis for Tobi's vocals. The title track has a noisy guitar sound and get them into the Nu metal genre, just another facet in their sound. Like every song is showing another piece of the puzzle which build the picture of Kju:. At the German Metal Hammer magazine singer Tobi was compared with Keith Caputo and in a way is fits... One of my favorite songs is Your Merit which is a slower tune, but with breaks where the go straight ahead and which has noisy guitars, just to slow down again. The vocal line can't be called catchy, but is sneaking in your ear and creates a certain magic. I Won't Move is also a slow tune and a slightly melancholy atmosphere makes this one special. An emotional track, but still heavy!
Perhaps this inadequate review will give you an idea, but the best way is to listen to the album to learn about the band. A few samples you can find on ... Check it out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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