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On disc: Kix

Live in Baltimore - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Live in Baltimore

Live in Baltimore
(Frontiers Records - 2012)

The 80's hard rockers Kix are back with a live album / DVD package, Live In Baltimore is a kind of best-of album which makes sense, if they consider to return full force. In 1993 they released a live album, but that's it. Unfortunately I only got the audio for reviewing, so I can't give details about the DVD, just that it has a few more tracks incl. the solos. The album / DVD was recorded at Ram's Head / Baltimore (MD).

The album sounds good and it seems that the guys really had a good time on stage... Unfortunately the lead guitar is a bit low in the mix... And personally it annoys me when singer Steve Whiteman is talking in this squeaky voice, but at least he isn't doing it all the time. On the other hand the interaction with the fans give it a real live feel. At Cold Blood, one of their hits, they embedded a sing along part and it's obvious their fans still love their sound and so it'll be good news to glam rockers that Kix work on a new album which shall hit the stores in 2013.

For fans of Kix it will be a great opportunity to see how they rock the stage these days. Fans of glam metal may find this release interesting, coz it's a kind of best-of and offers them on CD and DVD.

Track listing:

No Ring Around Rosie
Atomic Bombs
Lie Like A Rug
Don't Close Your Eyes
Girl Money
Cold Blood
Cold Shower
She Dropped Me The Bomb
Blow My Fuse
Kix Are For Kids
Midnite Dynamite
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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