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On disc: Kissin' Dynamite

Money, Sex & Power - Lars Bjrn - 8 stars

Money, Sex + Power

Money, Sex & Power
(AFM Records - 2012)

The young hope of German metal, not only a hope but THE hope. Kissin' Dynamite has been followed with enormous loads of interest since they made it to the surface, and I can only say that I was impressed by what I heard from their concert in Hamburg in November 2011, their songs still ringing in my ears many hours after their concert. Finally it's time for their 3rd album, Money, Sex & Power. It is obvious that they continue in the same style as they have become well-known for, why make big changes, but as Kissin' Dynamite gets more experience doing songs they include brave things on this new record, Axl Rose inspired intro to their song Club 27, and as the last song, Six Feet Under, they imagine themselves already dead and buried, and we get their reflections from inside the coffin of how it is to be dead and isolated.

It starts with the title song Money, Sex & Power, and it's about sleaze metal and melodic, but too weak to leave a real footprint. Besides that the song Money, Sex & Power seems to be a little too much inspired by David Lee Roth. The next song will take the world by storm, I Will Be King, is set out to be the hit from they new album, and no doubt about that this hits right in the eye, party metal as if they were hanging out with Mtley Cre, party metal and hard rock in a brilliant combination. Operation Supernova is a song where you will find musical directions as sleaze, pop, techno, rock and metal, but they succeed to bring all these ingredients to a wonderful meal of music. Well-written and a little different but in the better half of the scale. If you like the song I Will Be King, then you will surely be smitten by the track Sex Is War. This song has more rock qualities than I Will Be King, more heavy and with more style. It will probably be their next hit. Then there is the song Club 27, melodic metal that shows they have already learned a lot and are not afraid to get in touch with the more complex songs, and I think it will work for Kissin' Dynamite. Six Feet Under ends the show with the rocker, the soft metal music where they describe their thoughts about how it is to be dead and buried, singing directly from the cold coffin. Alternative but brave song.

Kissin' Dynamite are not singing about Kingdom, they will be Kings in the future of German metal.

8 stars

Lars Bjrn


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