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On disc: King Mob

Force 9 - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Force 9

Force 9
(SPV Records - 2011)

King Mob are the new constellation that Chris Spedding (Roxy Music) and Glen Matlock (Iggy Pop) has done in cooperation. They are mature and experienced and play a boogie and blues oriented kind of rock music that could fall into the US rock category, and yet there are swing music and stoner rock to fill up the premises. So when the web page talks of beat music, it isn't totally wrong. It's their debut album and apparently it was recorded in 4 days. That is very fast, and the production is great, but the songs spread over almost 4 decades in their style, and that could be a problem when the listeners should get an overview of what this is all about. Spedding and Matlock have a background in the pop rock that Roxy Music, Iggy Pop and Sex Pistols made, but on their own the songs don't have the same personality, as the anonymity are threatening to make a deep sweep over the whole production. Love Of High Renown brings the 80's rock in a composition that could as well have been made by Huey Lewis, ok but nothing more. China Waters is the song with good quality rock where the laid back atmosphere is present and thick. Selene Selene is swing music with clear influence from the rock of Elvis Presley, good tempo and fun. I Was There counts as the best song on this debut album, hard boogie rock with a upcoming attitude.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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