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On disc: King Giant

Dismal Hollow - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Dismal Hollow

Dismal Hollow
(Graveyard Hill Records / The Path Less Travelled Records - 2012)

On the second album from King Giant the Southern state rockers offer genuine stoner metal in the most sneering way the genre has seen in a while. Their force is the charismatic vocalist Dave Hammerly who make magic with his down to earth voice that guide the band through the 8 songs on their new album Dismal Hollow. They have one instrumental song, Road To Eleusis where it's just the aggressive guitars that tell their story, otherwise heavy it comes in the opener Appomattox with an earthshaking heavy attitude spiced up with melodic metal to offer the fans. Tale Of Mathias may be a strange title for a song, but nonetheless the flow in this track is getting the best from King Giant, good and rocking heavy metal. A more laid back party attitude we get in 6 O'Clock Swill, rocking and swinging as though ZZ Top could have inspired them for this song. Their darker sound comes forth in the song The Fog, which goes on a visit in the doom metal atmosphere to add new ideas to the album. On the last track, O'Drifter, they finish the circle with a hard and very heavy classic metal song where you also get their special flowing way to perform their songs. King Giant could maybe have added 2 or 3 more songs, but with this quality in their songwriting the hopes for the next CD are very much intact.

8 stars

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