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On disc: Kingdom Of Sorrow

- Kingdom Of Sorrow - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Kingdom Of Sorrow

Kingdom Of Sorrow
(Relapse Records - 2008)

Kingdom Of Sorrow is a new band, but guitarist Kirk Windstein and singer Jamey Jasta aren't nobodies. Windstein stepped into the light in the late 80's as guitarist and singer of Crowbar and since the mid-90's he's the guitarist of Down. Jamey Jasta is the singer of Hatebreed who been in 2006 headliner at Ozzfest's second stage!
Now the two teamed up for Kingdom Of Sorrow! The cover artwork is dark... almost threatening. Hear This Prayer For Her kicks off with a drum beat and heavy riffs. Jamey Jasta joins in with his raspy voice.. The music slows down and flows lava-like out of the speakers while Jasta sounds more despaired then angry... During the faster parts he seems to be tormented by something. The opening is based on guitar riffing, but varies in speed and atmosphere. On Grieve A Lifetime they had an almost catchy guitar melody line... And somehow the vocals remind me of something else.... But I can't fathom it.... With Piece It All Back Together they slow down even more... Here the Crowbar-influence is most obvious, but only for a moment! Somehow you can say that Kingdom Of Sorrow is a mix of Hatebreed and Crowbar... With Unspoken Words they get slow and melodic. You can feel the despair and sorrow... Quite moving. Jasta's vocals are more aggressive, but the phrasing reminds me of Charles Rykönen... My personal highlight on Kingdom Of Sorrow! Even if it's a not a typical KoS tune. But very close on my top tunes is Free The Fallen, which is a real neck breaker with monolithic riffs, power, melody and aggression. Very cool! Another slow and more melodic one is Screaming Into The Sky, but very heavy. You can feel the suffering.... The emptiness which is there when you lost someone close. Like on a rollercoaster ride they speed up again and show the anger which follows the despair... The sorrow.
Fans of Crowbar who are only into doom metal, should check the album out first, but everybody who likes some aggressive vocals and fast riffs might dig this. If you can imagine a mixture of Pantera, Pro-Pain, Black Label Society and Crowbar, then you have an idea what to expect. I bet live this band will steamroll everybody! Be aware!
Check out: Grieve A Lifetime, Lead The Ghosts Astray, With Unspoken Words and Screaming Into The Sky!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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