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On disc: King Diamond

- The Graveyard - Volker Raabe - 6 stars
- Give Me Your Soul ... Please - Victor Kzyto - 9 stars

Give Me Your Soul ... Please

Give Me Your Soul ... Please
(Metal Blade - 2007)

The master of horror is back! So light the cradle and be sure your windows are close!!
Yeah, The Dead is the creepy introduction to the latest scary tale from Mr. Diamond - and its about a brother and a sister who are murderer by their father. The boy is accused of committed suicide, so his spirit is condemned to hell, but then the sister's spirit come with a plan to save him to bring him with her to heaven and thenI will tell no more about this story, so you can enjoy it by yourselves, but the music as always is awesome!!
Andy LaRoque is still one of the greatest guitar players walking this planet and his work is excellent (as always, but I have to remark it). Mike Wead is the perfect counter part to him and this is the best work of the band since he join them! The guitars are much stronger than at the last two albums. The arrangements are really great, but this time the guitars stay over the keyboards. King's voice sounds good as ever and theatrical enough to catch you from the beginning of the story to the very end of it. Never Ending Hill, Mirror Mirror are my favorites of this album, but check The Cellar with the speed change or the title track with all the guitar power, its heavy as the chains of the dead!!
The Floating Head have a superb work on guitars, but the song that chills you to the bone is The Girl In The Bloody Dress. Here's where the arrangements take you to the stories climax. Moving On close the tale and leaves you with the feeling that you're not alone in your room.... A must have for horror fans!!

9 stars

Victor Kzyto


The Graveyard

The Graveyard
(Massacre Records - 1996)

Even if this is a conceptual album, for me one of two releases in one year of the King is superfluous. And when you compare the releases of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond it's obvious for everybody that Mercyful Fate's Into The Unknown is better and is more expressive then The Graveyard. Anyway, the King has a cult status and is above any criticism. That's why I stop now. Long live the King!

6 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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