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On disc: King

Forged By Satan's Doctrine - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Forged By Satan's Doctrine

Forged By Satan's Doctrine
(Deathgasm Records - 2012)

No doubt that the debut from King shows that they are living in the powers and doctrine set by Satan. They believe in their music, and as newcomers they must find their legs to stand on. The songs on the album has the same frame and starts to loose interest as the variation in the music should have been better. Very much standard death metal with growls and tortured screams, overpowering drums. Only the guitars are surviving with some respect from their efforts. If we should name a few songs, What's Satan Domain gives a long spoken curse in the Satanic way King believe is the right, after that everything drowns in hopeless growling and gets messier by the second. Satan's Fabrica has a speed aggressive point in the creation, and is actually the song that is of a tolerable quality, the other material should have stayed in Satan's melting pot much longer time before release.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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