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On disc: Kill The Romance

- Take Another Life - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Take Another Life

Take Another Life
(Locomotive Music - 2007)

The Finnish thrashers started in 2004 and after recording 2 demo CDs they signed a record deal with Locomotive Records in 2006. In their home country Finland the fiver already had a following when they signed to Locomotive Records and now with their debut in the stores they try to conquer the world.
With heavy riffing they start into I'm Alive - more thrash then death metal... Modern thrash. Only the growls are death metal-like, but as a counter part they use an almost catchy refrain with clear vocals. Partly it even is US metal-like, only the high-pitched vocals are missing... and reminds of Matt Barlow for a brief moment. The melodic and catchy parts of Inner Cell let me think of Sentenced... Some kind of modern thrash. Guitar-driven and with sound elements of different genres woven into their sound they present a fresh sound.
Thrash metal fans who aren't afraid of growls should check this out. If you would take off the growls the band would be musically part of the Bay Area. Fans of Testament and Exodus will like their sound. But also fans of Soilwork, Darkane and Total Devastation should check them out. Listen to: I'm Alive, Inner Cell and Breath.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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