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On disc: Kill Ritual

The Serpentine Ritual - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Serpentine Ritual

The Serpentine Ritual
(Scarlet Records - 2012)

The new American band Kill Ritual are going for the hard style with power metal in a rounded and controlled fashion. And that means that there are some gulps of glam rock in their music as well, but generally Kill Ritual is a fresh breath that gives something to renew the power metal scene. Their debut album is The Serpentine Ritual where the listeners gets the title track first, The Serpentine Ritual which flows over with pounding power metal rock and a great guitar solo just to start the album. Old School Thrasher is aggressive guitar based power metal that really kicks ass. Glam metal is richly represented on the album, and one of the better ones is Cold Hard Floor that has a powerful rhythm but otherwise is created in the glam metal spirit which gives an interesting song that surely rocks. Law Of The Land is as hard as the metal comes, hardness from all they have to give makes a super power metal song, can only be experienced if you listen to it.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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