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On disc: Kilkus

- The Pattern Of Self-Design - Volker Raabe - 3 stars

The Pattern Of Self-Design

The Pattern Of Self-Design
(self-released - 2001)

Crossover and NU metal are still alive.... The British Kilkus declare the traditional metal fans the fight with their self-produced album The Pattern Of Self-Design. The Essex band mix influences of Rage Against The Machine, Earthtone 9 and Soulfly with aggression, hardcore elements and groove. A good example is The Prospect Of Being Alone.
Actually I'm not a fan of this kind or music and so I was glad that after 50 minutes my suffering ended. I gave this CD away.... Immediately! But for fans of the mentioned bands....

3 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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