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On disc: Kickhunter

All In - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

All In

All In
(AFM Records - 2010)

Kickhunter is a band from Hamburg, Germany, that combine different styles in their music. They don't stick to only one sound, and where other bands have not been that successful by doing that kind of mix, I think Kickhunter are getting a lot out of their music. They play together for 10 years, but it's in the last 4 or 5 years it has really come through for them. Their debut came in 2007, and now it is time for their new CD called All In. Very strange to call it that name, because that title song is a piano-piece of only 58 seconds. But you never know what motivated them.
It starts with a song called Mine All Mine. That is the best song of the album, a sleaze rock composition with an attitude. Maybe the album title All In could mean that all styles are included, because here we have country, sleaze, blues and swing in this fantastic song. Well, Georgia Satellites hasn't been around for nothing.
The song Another Tear is experimenting with a keyboard intro, then a section with heavy guitars and drums. After a while the vocals joins creating the main song with different rhythms. But it all works good together.
The rest of the songs follow the same pattern, with creative compositions and mixed ideas that also includes the bands own choir on some of the songs. They have an interesting cover version the old Blondie 1980's smash hit Call Me, a version where they really are giving it their own special touch.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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