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On disc: Khaøs

Khaøs Rising EP - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Khaøs Rising EP

Khaøs Rising EP
(MarkRossi Records - 2012)

Khaøs is a quartet which never met in flesh. Chandler Mogel (Outloud) and his mates only met in the virtual world, but they share their love for music. Now they have an EP ready to give a first impression of Khaøs. The EP has 5 songs plus 2 radio edits.

They kick off with Distress Signal, a hard rocker with heavy modern riffs and big backings. Even if you can hear reminiscences to 80's hard rock the song sounds quite modern without getting close to the sound of 3 Doors Down, Alter Bridge, etc. At Hatred you will get a song with a bluesy edge, but that's just part of the story, coz later they pick up speed and the song atmosphere changes - and the bluesy edge get lost on the way. Once again it's Chandler Mogel's great performance which ennobles the songs on Khaøs Rising. Mind Violence had me right from the start, it's an ear catcher! Khaøs leave the traditional hard rock behind and spice it up with different elements and so it gets a fresh feel. Even if the vocal line of Reason To Die partly sounds very familiar... The opening passage of Perfect Future is quite catchy. This one is a bit slower and is more a traditional hard rock tune... The last track is Reason To Die, well there are the radio edits which are a nice bonus, but I would have preferred to hear more songs... Anyway, Reason To Die starts slowly and needs a few spins to hook you up. Somehow this one make me think of some movie soundtrack...

Fans of modern hard rock should check out Khaos! Hopefully it won't take long until we get more of Khaøs!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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