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On disc: Keller

Awake the Forgotten - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Awake the Forgotten

Awake The Forgotten
(self-released 2008)

Another review, another thrash band. This time the culprits are Keller and they hail from Slovenia. Now coming from a band whose name is the German word for basement you may not expect very much. However, don't write them off straight away as these guys know how to thrash!
Drawing their influence straight from bands such as Kreator, this demo gives you 15 minutes of great old school thrash which is more than enough to give you whiplash! The guitars and drums are everything you would expect from thrash, both technical and crushing. The vocals too are a good, if typical, example of this genre done well. In fact this could pass as an overlooked relic from the eighties if you didn't know any better!
Depending on your mood you will either love this band as a great example of a band playing thrash the way it should be or you'll write it off as another band trying to resurrect the eighties. Fortunately I'm in a good mood so I think this is a fantastic demo. The one downside being the guitar sound on the intro to Holy Slaughter which really sound awful, as if they couldn't really be bothered during this part of the song! Fortunately it picks up as soon as the riffing starts.
With performances at the likes of Metalcamp 09 under their belt and a debut album soon to be released through NHR Records you can expect to hear a lot more from Keller. Bring it on!

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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