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On disc: Keith Emerson Band

- Keith Emerson Band
feat. Marc Bonilla
- Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Keith Emerson Band feat. Marc Bonilla

Keith Emerson Band feat. Marc Bonilla
(edel records - 2008)

Every fan of prog rock / art rock will know keyboard legend Keith Emerson from his days with ELP, The Nice or even his solo work. Now he presents his latest piece of work Keith Emerson Band feat. Marc Bonilla. Guitarist and singer Marc Bonilla isn't a nobody, he worked with Deep Purple and Glenn Hughes, but also did some sound tracks like Hollywood Confidential and Caught Up, he also was the musical director for a TV score.
Musically you can expect a mix of different sounds incl. classic, prog, jazz, blues and rock - at least that's what he offered in the past. First you hear an organ, but soon electronic sounds been add... somehow a bit spacy... and dramatic - Ignition could be used for some Sci-Fi score. A short break and the organ is back... The songs almost blend over from one to another, but 1st Presence is more an interlude and leads over to Last Horizon which let me think of ELP... But also reminds me a bit of Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds... So far it's the Keith Emerson show, but with Miles Away Pt 1 guitarist and singer Marc Bonilla steps into the spotlight. Miles Away Pt 1 is a balladesque rock tune, but at Pt 2 the progressive elements come back. At the second part the vocals are partly distorted, this one will hook you up soon!
At the interlude Fugue Mr. Emerson brings back classic elements as we all know them from his past, from ELP. While Marche Train has due to the vocals and a slight rock appeal a bit of a stadium rock ballad... At 3rd Presence you get a dose of classic organ. A Place To Hide is a beautiful balladesque tune which comes alive with Marc Bonilla's vocals. But even if Keith Emerson and Marc Bonilla are most of the time in the spotlight, their mates deliver the basis and can show their skills, too.
Well, fans of Keith Emerson's music will buy this one anyway, but it's also interesting for open-minded rock fans, coz they not just add some progressive elements and if it gets progressive it's more the 70's prog rock. A great piece of music which crosses boarders and brings back memories and introduces new sounds. It's impossible to name certain tracks to check out this album, just listen in to some tracks (but Gametime will mislead you!), if you aren't a fan of this living legend!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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