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On disc: Katana

Heads Will Roll - Carsten Bahr - 8 stars

Heads Will Roll

Heads Will Roll
(Listenable Records - 2011)

The Swedish band Katana is named after a Japanese sword and was founded in 2006. The same year they released a 4-track mini album called Heart Of Tokyo. They had to overcome some line-up changes, but now the debut album Head Will Roll is in stores. Even if the guys are pretty sound, they know how to play and write songs. The production is on a high quality level as well. Katana is presenting melodic traditional heavy metal which is obviously influenced by 80's bands, especially references to Iron Maiden are audible at every one of the 9 tracks. But you'll also get a bit of Judas Priest and Tokyo Blade, plus reminiscences to old Helloween (Keeper Of The Seven Keys era), Accept and Edguy. Singer Johan sounds like a younger brother of Tobias Sammet. Additionally you'll find glam rock and power metal elements. The fivesome manages well to melt these ingredients into a sound which is catchy, shows 80's references in a fresh outfit and obviously they enjoy playing a lot. Every single song has a catchy hook and makes you sing along right away. Once in awhile they get a bit cheesy, but at the end of the day it's fun. Fans of melodic metal can discover an album full of catchy tunes, check out the debut of the Swedes!

8 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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