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On disc: Karnya

Coverin' Thoughts - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Coverin' Thoughts

Coverin' Thoughts
(Bakerteam Records - 2013)

Karnya from Italy presenting Coverin' Thoughts, to be honest, it's my first encounter with the Italian outfit.

They open up with the intro Mechanical Mixtures, just to head into Flooding Blood, a heavy riff-based prog metal tune. Even if they use keyboards the guitars dominate the sound and parts of the song are power metal like while other passages are slow and balladesque. Singer / guitarist Riccardo Nardocci offers a huge range and isn't just hitting high notes. The title track has a few symphonic elements, but once again the Italian quartet offers twists and turns. One of my favorites is Wait4More which is a catchy track with interesting keyboard lines and a heavy groove. At Stronger the Italians remind me slightly of Nevermore... At least partly. While Where The Silence Remains... is more like old Dream Theater. Another highlight is the up-tempo track Ego's End which offers complex parts and catchy passages. A Paraphreniac Menticide is a long track and so shows different facets of Karnya's sound. The closer is Still Alive? a ballad which slowly leads your out of Coverin' Thoughts.

It's obvious that the guys have the potential to make it big - with the right support - and if they can leave their influences behind. Not every track is on the same quality level, but there aren't fillers. Even if Hariel seems to be too different to fit in...

If you like powerful prog metal, check out Karnya!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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