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On disc: Karma Cowboys

Shake It! - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Shake It!

Shake It!
(Target Records - 2010)

The Copenhagen-based band Karma Cowboys is presenting Shake It! which starts with the intro Joe's Remote where you hear some exerpts from a speech... Then they kick off with Bad TV, a song which is obviously influenced by some old AC/DC... Could have been taken off Highway To Hell. With Shine On Tomorrow they offer a modern alternative rocker which has a dash of Led Zeppelin... They are obviously influenced by some 70's rock songs, but the Karma Cowboys don't stick to the old days. The riff-based title track is a heavy rocker which gets a psychedelic touch when the vocals set in. Singer Thomas Klovn Carlsen is adjusting to the songs, makes the songs stronger with his varying vocals. At Slammed Shut you'll find some more Zeppelin-esque sounds - always vivid and never backdated. Shooting Star reminds a bit of The Doors... but heavier and more guitar-driven... Led Zep meets The Doors. A Southern rocker is Chant No. 1, something you might not expect, especially from a Danish band. At the closer Take Me the Led Zeppelin influence shines through, but it's not like the foursome is copying Plant & co.!
In their home country the album was released late last year, they already played some shows and now they are out to conquer the rest of the world. Karma Cowboys' take old and modern sounds, add a few dashes of Led Zep and a splash 70's AC/DC. At songs like Wishing Well they show some Southern rock influence. At the end the Danish have an album with a dozen rock songs based in the past, but heading into the future. Very entertaining! And I bet live the songs sound even better!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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