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On disc: Akira Kajiyama & Joe Lynn Turner

- Fire Without Flame - Claudia Ehrhardt - ? stars

Fire Without Flame

Fire Without Flame
(AOR Heaven - 2006)

In 3 decades Joe Lynn Turner worked with many known musicians and bands, so there isn't much to tell about him. But who is Akira Kajiyama? In 1987 Kajiyama started with the band Precious and soon the Japanese guitarist made himself known. After the band splited he kinda retired from music business, but came back in 1996 and released a Rainbow tribute album in 1998 with former Anthem singer Yukio Morikawa. For this tribute they got Joe Lynn Turner as a guest and this is how they got in touch. In 1999 he started working with JLT, in the beginning he mainly played on the albums, but soon became more involved in the songwriting. These days they are partners and so this is a cooperation.
The opening track is One Day Away and it's a guitar-based boogie rock track which leads you into Fire Without Flame. A catchy tune to start with. The following title track is a bit Purple-ish - some guitar parts and keyboard lines. An up-tempo rocker is Survival - here Akira Kajiyama shows in a solo his talent. But he not only played all guitars on Fire Without Flame, he played all instruments! Forever Changed is a slow, hard rock tune with a sad note. But well done. With Slow Burn the album fades out with a reminiscence to Deep Purple's Burn. Another good one. With Heart Against Heart they added a very emotional and touching ballad - something a hard rock album shouldn't lack - and they did it in perfection!
You want to check this one out, then give Heart Against Heart, Looking For Trouble, Survival and the title track a try.

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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