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On disc: Kaira

- Hischnitsa - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Irond - 2008)

Kaira is - as far as I know - the Russian name Cairo and also the name of a band from Belarus. But I like the meaning of 'Kaira' in a Gambian slang, there it means 'peace'... And if I trust Babel Fish then the albums name 'hischnitsa' is Russian for predator... Anyway, the band started back in 1999 and the debut album of the septet was released in 2006. Hischnitsa is the 3rd album and usually the 3rd album is regarded as the 'make it or break it'-album.
They open up with Ispoved' - a powerful symphonic metal hymn. No surprise that the septet sounds symphonic, they have Alina Varushina on chello and Anastasiya Kozhemyakina playing the viola - most bands use synthesizers for the symphonic parts. But its the powerful voice of Kaira which makes them differ from other symphonic metal bands, coz her voice can easily keep up with the guitars of Pavel Drozdov and Vladimir Charik. Okay, the Russian lyrics sound a bit strange to us who are used to English lyrics, but give them a chance! On Gekata it seems that Kaira is longing for something... Her vocals are emotional and with the title track they speed up a little and again Ms. Kaira changes her vocals to adjust to the music - in this case more aggressive. Keyboardist Aleksandr General'chik adds some melodic lines, but never too prominent. Only supporting, but it is still an important aspect of their sound. Geroy Srednevekov'ya is some kind of a symphonic party song and you are tempted to sing along - and if you know the language, I bet you do!
With Chuvstvo Bez Nazvaniya they slow down and present a ballad - only keyboard and vocals in the beginning. Then the others join in and it gets a bit more powerful, but its still a balladesque tune. The keyboard parts are influenced by classic music and there are similarities to André Andersen's keyboard play... Perhaps its the (Bela-)Russian origin and musical education... Anyway, these guys and gals know how to play! And that they show at the instrumental Begi!
Fans of symphonic power metal should check out Kaira! I recommend: Hitschnitsa, Legenda O Bratyah Kamelo, Geroy Srednevekov'ya and Chuvstvo Bez Nazvaniya.

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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