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In Words: just swallow

- Bula - Feb. 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Bula - February 2007 (by email)

Awhile ago I came across the demo of the Slovenian band just swallow and contacted the guys to learn more about this youngsters. Bula was so kind to answer my questions and here we go!

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of just swallow!

It all started at the end of the year 2003 when I (ex-Pitoni) and Denis (ex-Pitoni, ex-Black Souls) decided to form a new band. Sorc welcomed the idea and the playing started. After a few months of 'sawing', Mihc (ex-Black Souls) joined the band. The music was becoming more and more interesting and energetic. But it was time for a vocal to join the band. I was at the skate contest where band called Evenrain had a gig. I saw that monster on the vocal and said to my self: this is it! After a few contacts in April 2005 Kado (Evenrain) became a member. But the group was complete when Mito joined the band in December 2005. We all together decided for the name of the band - just swallow, and performed for the first time on 23.12.2005 in the local club MPC. Soon there was another gig in Mostovna (Nova Gorica) in February 2006. In April 2006 the band went to the studio and recorded their first three songs.

Was it tough to get a band together? From the outside it seems that there is no metal scene in Slovenia....

Actualy not! We just let the time do what was necesary to join the dream team! We didn't want to push things too fast!
The metal scene in Slovenia is stronger day by day, but we are still a small country - still unknown to the rest of the world.

How do you came up with the name just swallow? What does it mean to you?

Actualy the name of the band was a result of a complete joke! We were playing the song from The Duskfall just fallow and Kado came up with a new title just swallow. And there it was, the name of our band (internal joke). This was the new reason to celebrate and we did it the way we always do it, with Slovenian beer!

Was this the music you wanted to do from the beginning? Or did your influences change, and so your music?

Yes! This is the music we always wanted to play. Nothing ever influenced our style. We all listen to different kinds of music, but when we are together there is just one music in our minds.

In early 2006 you released your first demo CD Just Swallow. I guess you had more tracks to put on the disc, so how did you choose the songs?

It was not difficult to chose the songs at all. They represent our very begining.

Please tell us a bit about the songs!

The songs are a mixture of different metal genres. This is because some of us like death metal, others heavy, black, rock... That's why we say we play metal la just swallow (melodic and hard at the same time).

Is song writing a band effort? Or is there one or two main song writers?

The main song writer is Kado. But lately Mihc and Denis are also writing them.

What inspires you? Musically? Lyrically?

Musically the band is inspired by the love for metal music in general. What makes us write about is stuff from our lifes, from love, hatred, hypocrisy to partys, women, sex and much more.

What is the music scene in Slovenia about? Is there a metal scene? Any bands you can recommened?

The music scene in Slovenia is all about pop and much more of pop. But luckily there is some hope for metal music since there are more and more opportunities for young bands to introduce themselves. If I compare the situation from 10 years ago with today, there is a big progress and this makes us hopeful. But I still think it is hard to succeed in Slovenia, probably because it is so small.
I would recommend a band called Skytower (they are resting at the moment). They show a lot of prospect.

Are there chances to play live? Here we hear only about Metal Camp....

Sure there are. Metal bands mostly play in the clubs, but there are not enough of them. And Metal Camp is a great opportunity for Slovenian bands to present themselves to a larger audience.

What about a new demo? Or a CD? Anything planned?

In 2007/08 we are planing to record a new song and make a video for it. And then record a CD.

Any other news to tell? A brief look in to the future?

We would like to have a lot of gigs but not only in Slovenia our dream is to 'conquer' the world!
That's why we appreciate this interview because it's a first step too become known out of Slovenia.
We would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity.

See you soon in Wacken. :)


Bula & just swallow

I have to thank Bula for answering my questions and I think it wasn't the last time we hear about just swallow!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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