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In Words: Jimi Jamison

- Jimi Jamison - Nov. 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Jimi Jamison
© Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison - November 2008 (by email)

Unfortunately I miss Jimi Jamison on his tour with Joe Lynn Turner, but at least I could do the interview by email. Now I hope he comes back to Europe and that there will be a chance to talk in flesh.

I guess by now you already got some reactions from fans as well as got from media. Are you satisfied with the reactions?

The reviews from the media so far have been very good. The fans also seem to like the record. I'm very thankful that it is getting this kind of reaction so soon. Usually it takes a few listens and a little more time before everyone starts responding.

Your latest release is Crossroads Moment, when did you decide to do another solo album? And did you want to work with Jim Peterik right from the start?

Oh yes. I knew I wanted to work with Jim right away. We did a charity show in Minnesota together a year ago and that reunion was the spark for the solo CD.

It seems that Jim Peterik had a big influence on the album as he wrote the songs. Have it surprised you how he turned your conversations about your life into music?

Actually the conversations were about both our lives, wishes and hopes for the future. Its was strange how both of our situations were so much alike and how closely parallel they are to each other. However I was surprised how he got all that information into one CD.

Which song is representing the album best? And which has for you a special meaning?

I think that the title track Crossroads Moment represents the cd the best. We didn't start recording the record project with that phrase in our minds but I think it was in our subconscious. Its just something that came to us as we stepped back and looked at the total picture.

As Is – When I sing or listen this song, I always get that feeling of... you know how the hair on your arm stands up or you get chill bumps when you hear something that lifts you up or is very personal or moves you in a certain way.

You have several guests on Crossroads Moment, was it planned from the beginning? Or did it just turned out that way?

We didn't start out from the beginning planning on bringing all our friends in on this one. I think someone suggested that we write a song about how it was being in a rock band in the eighties and we naturally got the idea of getting some of our friends to sing on the song with us later on. If I remember correctly, we did a Worldstage, show which includes famous singers from that era that gave us the idea that we should ask some of them to appear on the record.

For When Rock Was King you gathered some singers. How you came up with that idea? And how did you choose the singers you get involved?

Sorry, I answered part of this question in the previous one. We didn't really choose the singers. It just happens that we are all friends and were working on shows that logisticly allowed this to happen... plus the fact that we always help each other in any way we can. Of course there a lot of our friends who do not appear on the cd but to be honest... it would have cost a fortune to bring all of them in.

You just did 4 shows with Joe Lynn Turner and Orleans. How did the shows been?

The shows were very good musically but the attendance was low because in the way it was presented... I think. Not many people in Europe know who Orleans and friends are. We probably should have focused on the individual members of the band more.

Can we expect another cooperation of you and JLT?

I say for sure. Although we haven't planned any duet type shows we perform together in several singer shows that happen at different times thoughout the year. JLT and I are great friends and we absolutely love to sing together. Our voices blend very well together, plus we have a heck of a lot of fun performing.

Do you think that in 2009 you will return to Europe for some shows?

Yes. I'm working on that as we speak.

I saw that there are a few shows planned, two I found pretty interesting. You'll going to play in Chile, what do you expect from that show? And then you play at a special Superbowl Party, how come?

The Chile show is actually 2 shows. I'm headlining the National Telethon for a crowd of 80,000 people in a large stadium which will be televised and will have around a million viewers. Also I will be performing at a theatre in Conception City on Dec 3rd.
The Superbowl party was at the invitation of Mickey Thomas of Starship and John Travolta. The party will be held at John's home.

Most know you for your time with Survivor, but even more people know a song you performed and aren't aware that it's you. Isn't it somehow strange that almost everybody knows I'm Always Here from Baywatch, but most won't know it's you?

If you are familiar with the TV show Jeopardy? It's a very popular game show in the US. One of the questions on the show was... "Who sings the theme song for the TV show Baywatch?" Someone answered "David Hasselhoff".. and the gameshow host said "YES! That's right!" I still want to write them and ask that they correct that.
So even in the US people sometimes don't know , and I'm really not surprised, especially since the show is usually watched for the girls not the music.

You did some soundtrack stuff in the past, will you continue with that kind of stuff? Or will you know concentrate on you solo career?

If I get an offer to do more soundtracks I probably will. It could only help in anyone's career I think.

You achieved a lot with music, is there still something you dream of? Something you haven't achieved yet?

Of course, I think everyone in the business always wants something more but rather concentrating on that I prefer to just be thankful for what I did achieve. Anything else is icing on the cake.

At the moment it looks like AOR and hard rock is having a renaissance... At least here in Europe. Do you think so too?

Yes I do. As a matter of fact its going to take the support of Europe to kick the US into playing some really great music that they are missing out on.

But it also seems that there are mainly the established bands / musicians, but not many youngsters showing up. Or is the problem that the media and fans don't look for new bands?

I think media and fans would love to listen to something new but for the media and fans to look for a new band they first have to know they exsist. I think most of the new bands are having to do a lot of their own promotion and having the internet helps but is a big net to pull in.

Anything I haven't asked? Something you want to add?

I think you covered it Claudia… good interview


I really hope that Jimi Jamison will tour again in Europe and that we don't have to wait too long for his next solo album. Meanwhile there will be many Crossroads Moments...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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